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 "Fun fact kids, Haddadi is not the first Iranian to play pro basketball in the U.S. - that honor goes to someone named "Behdad Sami." Thanks Wikipedia!" -NBA

"In Macon, GA, the Georgia Grizzlies have signed Behdad Sami, the only professional basketball player of Iranian decent in the United States. In a time of war, maybe the orange ball can serve as a common ground." -SLAM Magazine Online

"Twenty volunteers served as Camp counselors, most notably: Behdad Sami, the first professional Iranian basketball player to ever play in the United States" -NBA

"Sami will most definitely be at the NBA level within the next year or so . . ." -SLAM Magazine #121

 "I've been watching 5'11 Behdad Sami, our Iranian point guard and 6'1 Stuart Mitchell in practice the last couple of weeks and have seen both of them doing what I think has been reserved for 6'4-6'9 inch players . . ." -ABA

"Behdad became the first Iranian in US history to play professional basketball. He was also featured in the September issue of SLAM Magazine. In 2007-2008, he averaged 17 points and 6 assists with the Gwizzlies before returning to play overseas . . ." -ABA

"In conclusion, Behdad Sami is an exceptional athlete with a freak of nature vertical leap of 46’’ with tremendous basketball sklls. He has so much experience in professional basketball that hopefully soon he could play in the NBA. He is only 24 years old and there is still a lot of opportunities for him to showcase his talents and to be a recognizable name in the world of basketball." . . . -Best Basketball

"San Diego, CA.  The ABA San Diego SURF today announced that they have signed Behdad Sami to play for the team which begins its play in November.   Behdad made world history with the ABA's Georgia Gwizzlies in 2007-08 by becoming the first Iranian born basketball player to ever play professional basketball in the US.  He has played professionally overseas, and according to Ross Kurland, San Diego Surf owner, "Behdad  has a lot of athletic ability, skill and experience to bring to the table not just on the court, but off the court as well . . ." -ABA

"Behdad Sami foi o primeiro basquetebolista do Irão a jogar profissionalmente nos Estados Unidos. E é também o primeiro atleta daquele país a alinhar nos campeonatos portugueses . . ." -PLANETAbasket

"O Iraniano Behdad Sami, é, oficialmente, reforço do Guifões Sport Clube. Nascido a 20 de Junho de 1986, Behdad iniciou a sua carreira de jogador profissional de basquetebol fazendo história nos Estados Unidos da América visto ser o primeiro basquetebolista do Irão a jogar basquetebol a título profissional naquele país..." -GSC